David Crosby Talks About Cannabis

Q and A with David Crosby about cannabis.

  • What are your thoughts on legalization?

Crosby: "I'm passionate about legalization - which is why I agreed to be on the National Advisory Board of NORML. along with my pal Willie Nelson and others."

"Bottom line is I’d like cannabis to be legal - everywhere. I knew people who were in jail for years for smoking a joint - and it’s just not right. People shouldn’t be going to jail for cannabis, and I want to reinforce that to the degree that I can. I do feel a responsibility to stick up for people who have been stuck in jail for it unfairly.”

“Our tax money goes to the federal government and then a large portion gets transmitted down the pipeline to the states for health , education, and welfare. This particular federal government doesn’t want to send money down the pipe to black people, or brown people or old people, or young people..anybody except old rich white guys.” 

“People are looking at the success in places like Colorado and Oregon. The numbers are unequivocal. The places that have legalized cannabis are winning and they have money for schools, roads and hospitals - today, not tomorrow or next month or next year..NOW because this is state controlled tax money.” 

“It’s inevitable. Legalization everywhere is going to happen - all over the U.S. and around the world because of the money. All the posturing the politicians do, waving their hands in the air saying we have to regulate this and that is all BS. It’s going to come down to the money. Anyone that looks at the money flowing in where it’s legal knows what the truth is. That’s why I believe it will be legal right away…say within a couple of years. Not because it is like beer and wine. Not because people should not be getting arrested for it. Not even because the police and the courts and the penal system would be relieved of an enormous pressure if we legalize. The states will legalize cannabis to get tax dollars that they control separately and need very very badly.”

"It’s an innocent substance and it does no harm at all. We drive slow and eat ice cream, that’s our big crime. We don’t rob stores, we don’t go out and rape and pillage."

"The places that get in first, like Canada make all the money. The cannabis companies set up there because it’s legal on the federal level there so they can bank it. Canadians should congratulate themselves for having a country that was smart enough to change their laws and wind up being where all the major marijuana companies are based."

  • What are your thoughts on the connection between cannabis and creativity?

Crosby: "All those songs you like, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, CSN, The Byrds, my new bands...I wrote them ALL on cannabis - every one of them."

"Cannabis has been an important part of my creative process for years. I've been enjoying cannabis for 50 years now. The creativity was always there, the cannabis just brought it out. I smoke, pick up the guitar and write songs." 

"Many of the most iconic songs have been written by people who were herbally enhanced." 

"When you’ve had some Cannabis and you’re happy, it’s a space that’s conducive to creating."

  • Why do you like cannabis?

Crosby:"I like it for a whole lot of reasons. I like it for writing music. I like it for going to the museum. I like it for sex. I like it for building a fire and playing with the dogs. I like it for my aches and pains. I like it for helping me sleep. I really do enjoy it."

"What I do every night, after dinner with my family, I go into the bedroom and I build a fire - and then I vape some buds and take a guitar off the wall and play stoned. And it’s just the right thing for guitar: you get hung up and you play until your fingers hurt. I do that all the time. That’s how I write music.”

  • Why do you think people like Cannabis?

Crosby: “The human race has always liked to get high on something. - That’s why we invented fermenting and distilling and ate every different kind of fruit and berry in the jungle." 

"I think cannabis is the best way for people to get high. It’s much better for people than the other available ways people get loaded.”


“People are going to get high anyway and cannabis is a safer and better way than the other available methods. I don’t approve of hard drugs at all. Beer isn’t that bad, wine isn’t that bad, but hard booze definitely does real damage. And then there are all the other ones. The pharmaceuticals do horrible things to you, and the serious hard drugs do even worse stuff to you. So really the only thing I know that you can do that gets you high that doesn’t do harm to you is herb.”

  • What is your preferred method of enjoying cannabis?

Crosby: “I vape flowers with a Pax 3. It’s better for me than smoking it because there’s no tar. After dinner, I like to vape and take the guitar down and play it. Helps me work on melodies."

  • Do you grow your own cannabis?

CROSBY: "My wife and I grow our own weed. It's legal to grow a few marijuana plants in California."

"We talk to our plants and we enjoy that." 

  • Do you ever cook with cannabis?

Crosby: "We bake fantastic Ginger Snap cookies and Chocolate Chip Cookies. We also make pot butter to make our pot brownies and cookies."

  • How did the idea for a David Crosby Cannabis brand come about?

Crosby: "I was on my tour bus before a Ft. Lauderdale concert hanging with Steven Sponder - a trusted friend of more than 20 years and a brilliant entrepreneur. We started talking about how some of my friends like Willie Nelson, Melissa Etheridge and other public figures like Snoop Dogg and Tommy Chong had put their names on weed brands. I told Steven this was ironic because some of these people told me I always had the best weed. Right there we decided my name should be on a weed brand. Steven has a great business and strategic mind - so I said make it happen. We agreed that the best thing to do would be to license my name to a quality cannabis company as opposed to starting and running a cannabis business ourselves."

"We decided at that first meeting to call it "Mighty Croz" because that's a teasing nickname my friends call me for somehow surviving everything. We won't require a cannabis company we partner with to use that name, it's just a suggestion. The right company with smart people will know what to call it and how to market it."

  • What kind of company would you work with for your weed brand?

Crosby: “We're holding out for a quality cannabis company - one that has a long-term vision for what's coming down the road and one that won’t be swallowed up in the inevitable consolidation that's already happening in the cannabis industry.

“We are talking to as many of these companies as we can and trying to figure out who has the vision to see down the road what’s going to happen, and I believe that I know what’s going to happen.  But we’re looking for a company that’s behaving in a way that will last a long time and be one of the companies that evolves out of this mess to be an International pot company. And they do exist, and hopefully will exist all over the world.  We’re looking for the guys who run (actually, women, hopefully) who run a company like that, and it’s difficult to find, but it's going to happen.”

“It’s a fascinating thing. Right now, there’s probably a thousand cannabis companies out there, all of whom think that they’re going to be GM next week. And they’re not…they’re not going to make it. Just like the competitive car companies back in the old days who ended up fighting with each other and competing with each other, and get whittled down to just a few. That same process is going on right now with pot companies.”

"It's like the Wild West now. The different laws in each state make it difficult for even the most well-run cannabis cultivators and dispensaries to conduct business beyond the state they're in."

"My fans are all around the globe - so we're holding out for a company that can figure out how to bring my cannabis out to the world." 

"I’d require that anything with my name and face on it is top quality."

"We may start with CBD because it can be sold legally most anywhere."

  • Why do you want a cannabis brand?

Crosby: “I’m getting in it for several reasons. First, because people have been asking me to do this forever - Also, because it’s fun. Weed is fun, people who like weed are fun - and I like to have fun in my life."

"With legalization expanding around the world, now is the right time."

“Other than music, being a serious stoner and weed connoisseur is what I'm known for." 

  • Who would be the audience for your cannabis brand?

CROSBY: “The audience for my weed brand will be varied. They will be the same people who've listened to and bought my music all these years – millions of Baby Boomers, the largest bump in the population curve. And the boomers just happen to be the fastest growing segment buying it legal from the dispensaries. I've been associated with the boomer generation for over 50 years. 

"It’s estimated that there are 75 million baby boomers (aged 45 to 75) in the U.S. alone. So boomers are, by far, the largest segment of the population, and that’s translated into their massive buying power. In fact, boomers currently account for over 70 percent of the disposable income in the U.S. and Cannabis is considered a disposable income purchase. I know I can leverage my name among baby boomers to further advance cannabis use in this demographic."

"There’s also a secondary audience of all their offspring, the Gen-X'ers. That’s millions of people around the world as well. And let's not forget about all those millions of people who consider themselves counter-culture”

“I'm positioning my brand at a super high quality level - for people who are intelligent, have sophisticated taste and want quality."

"Everything about my cannabis will be top quality. I'm known as a serious connoisseur of quality cannabis for over half a century, so I have authenticity and credibility – and I have a lot of experience to draw upon." 

"People know me as a cannabis connoisseur going back to the 1960's. When the Beatles came to America, they looked to me to steer them to the best quality weed." 

"Cannabis will always be a huge part of everyday culture around the world. I recall looking down from the stage at Woodstock in 1969 at a sea of people and everybody was smoking weed." 

“I’m so damned recognizable. My face, my mustache, my long hair have been on all these records for 50 dammed years – so there’s this huge recognition factor around the world. I figure why not put that on the front of a cannabis package. If you’re walking into a store and you see my face smiling up at you from a package, you’re likely to try it – and that’s a good thing. Then when you smell the weed and taste it and like how it makes you feel, you'll come back for more.”

“For me and my fans, authenticity matters. They'll try it and they’ll come back for more - not just because my name and face is on it, but because they know I stand for quality cannabis.”

"We are approaching this from the highest level. Anything that has my name on it has to be the highest quality. We're not rushing to slap my name on just any cannabis products."

  • What do you feel you bring to a cannabis brand?

Crosby: “I believe very strongly that I bring credibility to a cannabis brand. I’ve been a serious stoner for over 50 years, I can be useful to a cannabis company...there isn’t any question. We'll be patient until we find the right people and the right way to go about it. We will find the right people who have the same long-range vision and who want to do this the way we want to do this, which is authentic and at a very high-quality level.“

  • What is your timing for putting your name on a cannabis brand?

Crosby: “Sponder and I are holding out for the right partner. It has to be the right fit. The right cannabis company will know just how to leverage my name in the cannabis industry."

  • How would you stay involved with a cannabis company you would loan your name to?

Crosby: "I would stay involved because I like cannabis and I can give valuable input. I can tell if cannabis is quality or not just from the smell and taste. I’ll weigh in with opinions and give input based on my 50+ years as a cannabis connoisseur. I'll collaborate with them to produce the best cannabis on earth.  I’m also fortunate to be surrounded by good people I've worked with for decades who understand me and my fans, and they would give valuable input too."

  • What's the best cannabis you've ever had?

Crosby: “I was in Canada and a girl brought over some weed and she said now be careful, this is very strong. It was called "Kootenay thunderfuck" and it was so god-damned strong, it was way too strong - I wanted to hide under the piano and suck my thumb.”

“There was an amazing range of weed in the late 1960’s. When we started, we were buying weed in brick kilos that were mostly seeds – really crap weed, and not knowing any better, we thought it was terrific! You had to smoke a lot to get high from it. But then, through sheer luck, I was connected to some people who were connected to some smugglers and I was one of the first people to get any Sensimilla which of course means no seeds, and it was much more powerful pot – and I had a blast with it.”

“I was the first one of the musicians in LA to connect up with sinsemilla, out of Mexico. Someone down there knew if you removed the males, you get much stronger pot. And it was a revolution, because we had crap pot up until then. I had it before anyone else had it, so I acquired a reputation.”

“At the time, I had just brought my girlfriend Joni Mitchell back to California from Florida and I was about to produce her record and I’d get groups of friends together and give them a joint or two of this spectacularly strong pot they had never encountered before and then Joni would sing them a song or two.” 

“Maui Wowie was the name that the guys who grew in Kona used, and the guys in Maui called their pot Kona Gold. They mixed everything back in the beginning of the seventies. The guys in Hawaii were growing the best pot in the world at the time. They crossbred everything with everything, so I think most of the separations you see people talking about now are theoretical more than actual.”

  • Where can I find out more?
  • Contact Steven Sponder.

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