David Crosby Talks About CBD

What are your thoughts on CBD?

"CBD has been a life saver for me. I have two bad shoulders with chronic pain and I've endured broken bones and dislocations. I've also developed hand injuries that affect my guitar playing. I have tendonitis in the middle two fingers of both hands, and I’m developing arthritis. It’s not enough to stop me playing, but I do have those things going on that I treat with CBD."

"Everybody at some point has some pain in their shoulder, their knee, their foot or their elbow and CBD is the best way to get relief. It's why I can still tour.”

"I think you’re going to find that CBD (Cannabidiol), once it’s refined, concentrated, packaged and marketed is going to become a hugely successful painkiller – because the other main families of painkillers, the opioids, if you do them for a few weeks you’re hooked and that’s a real problem. And the NSAIDs (aspirin/ibuprofen) are not good for your kidneys and your liver, particular your kidneys. So a new family of painkillers coming on the market that doesn’t have the side effects of addiction or damage to your kidneys, that could be even bigger than getting high."

“I use CBD two ways. I vaporize pot that’s high in CBD to get it that way. The other way is I rub a topical cream into both shoulders, sometimes my neck, and on my hands when they’re hurting.”

"The biggest appeal of CBD  is the lack of significant side effects or addiction, unlike opioids and NSAIDs. With opioids, you know the problem: use them for three weeks and you can get hooked. And NSAIDs are terrible for the liver and harm the kidneys. CBD doesn’t have negative side effects. It ameliorates the pain and acts as an anti-inflamatory. My sincere belief is that once we teach people how to use CBD, it’s going to be huge.”

"CBD helps with my aches and pains and helps me get rest. I have chronic pain in both shoulders. When you get older, you’re often dealing with chronic pain."

"CBD is a great analgesics. I take it to help with my aches."


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