David Crosby Open To Licensing His Name To A Cannabis Co.

Music legend and cannabis connoisseur open to lending his name to a cannabis company. 

David Crosby's - On Licensing His Name To A Cannabis Company:

"I'd put my name on a cannabis brand only if I felt it was quality...My strains have been 50 years in the making...They'll transport you to a happy place...They'll take you Eight Miles High. It's Been A Long Time Comin'...but it will be worth the wait." - David Crosby


Crosby Aims For A Joint Venture

Music legend and cannabis connoisseur open to licensing his name to a quality cannabis company. 


David Crosby Answers Questions About Cannabis and CBD

David Crosby answers your questions about cannabis and CBD. 


David Crosby Joins NORML's National Advisory Board

David Crosby is a global voice for cannabis legalization. 


Request To Have David Crosby Speak At Your Cannabis Event

There is perhaps no public figure more knowledgeable on the topic of Cannabis than David Crosby. Mr. Crosby was recently added to the national board of NORML and has been a lifelong advocate for cannabis. Contact us regarding David Crosby speaking at your Cannabis or CBD event.


Request To Interview David Crosby About Cannabis.

David Crosby speaks about a wide range of topics related to cannabis and CBD. 


Request To Have David Crosby Judge A Cannabis Event

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