David Crosby Is Committed To Global Cannabis Legalization and Decriminalization


Music Legend and Cannabis Advocate David Crosby Appointed to NORML National Advisory Board.

Cannabis Now - Music legend David Crosby joins Willie Nelson, Bill Maher and others on NORML's National Advisory Board

David Crosby Discusses Cannabis Legalization and Decriminalization.

“I do believe cannabis should be legal everywhere. I knew people who were in jail for years over a couple of joints - and it’s just not right. I do feel a responsibility to stick up for people who have been stuck in jail for it unfairly. Bottom line is, it should be legal and people shouldn’t be going to jail for smoking a joint, and I want to reinforce that to the degree that I can.”

“It’s inevitable. Legalization is going to happen - all over the U.S. and around the world because of the money. All the posturing the politicians do, waving their hands in the air saying we have to regulate this and that is all BS. It’s going to come down to the money. Anyone that looks at the money flowing in where its legal knows what the truth is.”

“People are looking at the success in places like Colorado and Oregon. The numbers are unequivocal. The places that have done it are winning and they will have money for schools, roads and hospitals. Bottom line is I’d like cannabis to be legal everywhere."

"I'm passionate about legalization - which is why I agreed to be on the National Advisory Board of NORML. along with my pal Willie Nelson and others."

“I think Canadians should congratulate themselves for having a country that was smart enough to change their laws and wind up being where all the major marijuana companies are based." 

"The places that get in first, like Canada make all the money. The cannabis companies set up there because it’s legal on the federal level there so they can bank it. 

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